AgroHolding "Kuban" was attended by students of the Kuban State Agrarian University. Future agricultural sector experts familiar with the "kaizen" in a production environment

March 27, 2014 / Announcements and results of actions

The children visited the service center "Kolos", refinery sugar factory shop "Freedom", the mill plant bakeries. Specialists of the guys showed examples of design standards, jobs, explained the principles of the philosophy of "kaizen" and spoke about the implementation of the system 5 "S", which is a method of ordering the workplace, and is commonly used as the first stage of construction of lean manufacturing.

Students learned what features are available in the workplace organization turner, welder, inspected warehouses, which stores the spare parts of tractors and farm machinery repair and service center hall. In refinery shop, which is one of the reference sites holding guys overall improvement of production, which are successfully used in practice.

The second part of the visit was devoted to the theory of lean production. Future professionals spoke about the history of introduction of a new production system in the agricultural sector, and then presented in Figures economic benefit from its experience in the company.