Pig-breeding commercial complex

Address: Dvubratskiy Village, Ust-Labinsk District, Krasnodar Region.Investor: Kuban AgroHolding Management Company LLCInvestment volume: 1560,0 mln. rublesImplementation period: 2016Number of new jobs: 33

Investor: Kuban AgroHolding Management Company LLC  (ahkuban.ru).

The complex was commissioned in Q1, 2016.

Volume of investments for the project: 1560,0 mln. rubles.

33 new jobs were created. And tax deductions to all levels of the budget amounted to 79.3 mln. rubles.

The pig-breeding commercial complex is designed for the maintenance of 2,200 sows and growing 52,000 pigs per year. The annual capacity is 5,900 tons of meat in live weight. The complex operates using the technologies and equipment of I-TEK (France) which has successful experience in implementing similar projects in the Belgorod and Ryazan Regions. Being a part of the single production complex with the meat processing plant, the pig-breeding commercial complex will strengthen the position of Kuban in the industrial pig production and increase the sustainability of the livestock sector by creating a strong raw material base for the meat processing combine (40% of the raw materials for the plant).