On conducting a survey among entrepreneurs

February 9, 2015 / Announcements and results of actions

Three years ago, an autonomous non-profit organization "Agency of strategic initiatives to promote new projects" (hereinafter - the Agency) launched the National Business Initiative (NPI), designed to dramatically improve the business environment in the country. For the first time in the modern history of Russian businessmen working on a "roadmap" (action plans to improve the business climate of the Russian Federation), together with the authorities and experts. As part of the NPI was developed and approved by the Government of the Russian Federation 11 "road maps".

They include specific regulations created to simplify doing business in our country. Innovations in the "road maps" touched almost all important business areas, including acceleration and cheaper procedures to connect to the grid, registration of legal entities and property rights, construction, customs regulation, access to state-owned procurement, etc. According to the "road map" made more than half of all required regulatory acts, work on the preparation of the remaining bills are actively continuing.

However, the real benefits come into force laws and activities undertaken, or lack thereof, is able to fully appreciate the only entrepreneur who on a daily basis as part of their work is faced with administrative barriers and see whether it has now become easier, cheaper and faster to do business.

The Agency invites entrepreneurs to participate in the analysis of the effectiveness of measures taken to improve the investment climate.
To conduct the survey in the "Internet" in the online electronic forms prepared in the following areas roadmaps:

  • "Improving access to energy infrastructure";
  • "Development of competition and improvement of antimonopoly policy";
  •  "Support for access to foreign markets and export promotion";
  • "Improvement of customs administration";
  • "Improving the quality of public services in the field of state cadastral registration of real estate and state registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it";
  • "Expanding access of small and medium-sized enterprises to the procurement of infrastructure monopolies and state-owned companies";
  • "Optimization of procedures for the registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs";
  • "Improving the quality of the regulatory environment for business";
  • "Improving the legal regulation of urban planning and improvement of the business climate in the construction industry."

You can fill in the questionnaire at the following address: http: //investklimat.rf/discussions/oprosi/.

The survey will last from February 15 to March 15, 2015.

Dear businessmen, very important for us your assessment of the work of the authorities at the federal and regional levels to reduce the number and cost of administrative procedures.

The survey is strictly anonymous. Its results will be used in a generalized form and placed in the public domain. Analytical deliverables will be submitted to the Government of the Russian Federation and used to improve the current situation.

Your opinion is very important to us!