Harvest 2014 - at the height of

July 15, 2014 / Announcements and results of actions

Toilers PU SOUTH Agroobedineniya "Kuban" brought to their land 25 units of harvesting machinery. More than half of the total - domestic "Dons" and "Akros". By harvesting machine-production department have prepared their own, and, according to experts, harvesters have never brought farmers.

Yet the current light cleaning will not name. Heavy rains, on the one hand, contributed to an increase in yield, and on the other - interfere with its clean. And it's not just slowing work. Showers with wind, which took place in the period of grain filling and maturation, "put" plants about 40% of the area. Harvesting technology polegshih loaves a little different from the usual - harvesters equipped steblepodemnikami and reduce speed. For the harvest of 2014 PU-SOUTH 8512 hectares planted winter wheat. By July 11 had thresh 3240 hectares. Crop farmers happy - the average is obtained 67.8 kg / ha, and the department number 16 and even more - 69 kg / ha. This production unit every year holds leading positions.

From the beginning of harvesting in Ust-Labinsk area processed 34,869 hectares of sown areas, or 68% of the total area harvested, yield totaled 59.1 c / ha.