Ezubov: Kuban peasant farmers receive adequate support

April 11, 2014 / Announcements and results of actions

April 9 State Duma deputy from the Krasnodar Territory Alexei Ezubov met with representatives of peasant farms Ust- Labinsk District Development Agribusiness and rural infrastructure .

" The issues raised by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the Congress of Deputies rural settlements in Volgograd, largely relevant for rural areas and Kuban. The first requires an increase in support for small agricultural businesses . The importance of solving this problem is especially relevant today , when the U.S. and the EU threaten us with the expansion of economic sanctions , and the country remains a definite dependence on imported food , "- said Alexey Ezubov .

Characterizing manufacturing capabilities KFH , the parliamentarian said : "In Labinsk area in agricultural production today is engaged in 752 (peasant) farms ( KFH ) , which processed 20,000 hectares, which represents almost a quarter of the total area used by collective farms .

The bulk of KFH or 92 percent - is smallholder farms owning plots up to 100 hectares , and only slightly more than one percent of the farms are large , with an area of more than 400 hectares of farmland . Half of all the acreage occupied by KFH crops , 11.7% - sunflower , 7.3% - and vegetables , 1.4% - sugar beet . In the past , almost all KFH area increased harvest , and on crops , it rose by 43% . In 2013, KFH district received 18.8 million of state support in the form of subsidies and grants, which is 25 % more compared with 2012 .

Due to the growth of production in the last two years, medium and large KFH managed to produce a partial replacement of its tractor fleet by more sophisticated models . However , the majority of smallholder farmers , for objective reasons , are not yet able to create their own technical base and have a full range of agricultural machinery .

In their speeches, smallholder farmers noted that experiencing some significant legal, economic and social problems as a consequence of the fact that the country has so far not generated sufficient legal basis for the development of small-scale agricultural production and agricultural cooperatives ; insufficiently developed credit system ; not efficient logistics system and production services farms ; difficult to access new high- hybrids and varieties of crops . In most small farms used low mechanized technology , high cost of manual labor.

As emphasized during the meeting , the very foundation of successful development KFH is addressing the marketing of agricultural products. "

Proposed to develop the work of Consumer . The area has been created SSSPK " merchant " , a practice activity which shows that the use of this form makes it easier to solve problems in procurement, processing and marketing of agricultural products grown PFs .

Referring to the deputy Alexei Ezubovu farmers asked to put questions to the Russian Government : about lowering interest rates on loans , increasing rates of subsidies to an unrelated support in crop establishment exchange for the purchase of agricultural products. Also deputy was requested to amend the law on turnover of agricultural land , entitling after the expiry of the lease period to prolong the contract without tender or to buy land . It was noted that the current enforcement practices admits abuse in the use of agricultural land .

Chapter Ust- Labinsk District Anatoly Voronovskii , speaking at the meeting , promised to assist in the allocation of land for the creation of wholesale markets and building databases for storage of agricultural products .