AgroHolding "Kuban" was in 2014 the effect of the introduction of the production system, more than 80 million rubles

March 27, 2015 / Investment

AgroHolding "Kuban", one of the largest agribusinesses in Southern Russia, part of a diversified industrial group "Basic Element", received in 2014 the economic effect of the introduction of the production system in the amount of 86 million rubles. The overall economic effect of the introduction of the production system in 2007 exceeded 800 million rubles.

The economic effect in 2014 was obtained by the introduction of more than 500 enhancements (kayzenov) and projects to reduce costs and increase efficiency (reorganization and optimization of the motor transport service and dairy farms, increase the capacity of elevators and so on.).

Improving the efficiency of production in 2014 has allowed to raise the average salary in the holding by 11% - from 23 700 to 26 400 rubles. The amount of bonuses to employees of the company for the introduction of improvements in 2014 amounted to 2.8 million rubles, reaching its highest level in eight years. Total premiums paid in 2007, more than 13 million rubles.

AgroHolding "Kuban" was the first agricultural company in Russia, which began to implement a production system based on the principles of Japanese philosophy of kaizen.

Elena Artyushchenko, Deputy Director General of agricultural holdings "Kuban", said: "Kaizen system can be successfully applied in all industries. One of the best examples in the implementation of kaizen "Kuban", which is relevant for all companies - a reduction in energy costs. In 2009, we analyzed the energy consumption in enterprises, lowered it, where possible, and in five years the economic effect of about 36 million rubles. "